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Want to start selling online at zero fee, zero stocks in hand, zero commitment? Come join us! It is FREE to start!



As high as 30% off from retail price! Upgrade to be our sales manager when you've reached RM500** in sales.  


How Dropshipping Works

1. Download pictures from our OneDrive link.

2. Promote our items to your customers via Facebook / Instagram / Whatsapp / anywhere! You can set any price you like.

3. When your customer makes an order through you, they pay the total amount to your bank account.

4. Login to Tiny Bibiya Cuteness and order the items. Fill in your customer's details [Name, Address, Phone] at checkout (Delivery Address).

5. Pay us via Billplz manually to hold the order as 'booking' for 3 days. Or instantly if your customer has paid.

6. We ship the item to your customer without revealing our identity!

7. You earn your effort! Congratulations! *You will also earn loyalty points which can be converted into a voucher in Tiny Bibiya Cuteness!*


Things You Need to Know

1. You can set any pricing you like to your customer.

2. We offer shipment to West Malaysia (RM6) and East Malaysia (RM10). Singapore (RM30) and other countries please request via Whatsapp. *You are also entitled for Free Shipping*

3. You need to make sure to check our stock count list first before committing an offer to your customer to avoid customer disappointments.

4. Make sure to follow up with your customer and make payment within 3 working days. Else order will be canceled.

5. All orders must be made via the website for ease of tracking.


How to Join the Team

1. Register an account with our website.

2. Contact us via the contact form about your interest. State the name of your Facebook / Instagram page for verification. Your mobile number has to be displayed in the page.

3. Once you are upgraded to dropshipper, Whatsapp us so we can group you to our Consultant Team.


** Sales Manager means, a person in charge of closing a sale through personal message with the customers. Tiny Bibiya Cuteness will redirect all order messages randomly to any sales manager. A sales manager will then make an order through website and still earns 30% commission. Free traffic for you!
** Sales goal amount can vary without notice.

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