About Our Journey

Our Little Store

Started out with exactly, 20 pieces of Lace Petti Romper..

  Setup a self modified e-shopping Blogspot website on a free hosting server..
  Spamming on Facebook group walls and tagging family and friends unnecessarily..
  To self-packing parcels from 8 - 10 pm everyday after arriving home from a full time job neglecting a 1 year old son..

Those were the days.

Today, Tiny Bibiya Cuteness has over 1000 items in stock, stocks are stored and orders are fulfilled by iStoreiSend warehouse located in Selangor. Many mothers are happy with our cute and special baby clothing set together with our barefoot sandals with headband where many of them wore these clothes and accessories on their baby girl during a newborn fullmoon celebration, birthday parties, attending wedding events, and even just for a family photo session!

We don't have a physical shop to showcase our products. But every photos listed in the product page are genuinely taken by us. The photos are not from the manufacturer. We strive to promote our products without hiding particular details that could hinder your confidence in making a purchase with us. 

Buying baby clothing in an online store is not only convenient, but also enables us to give you the best price we can offer.

We hope that our little story could also inspire you to own an online business, we recommend to start by dropshipping with us! That was how Sandra started.

Our "Virtual" Team

Malaysia baby clothing online store

We believe working as a team can be done any time, anywhere!

To date, we have roughly around 20 dropshippers who are mainly stay at home mothers (SAHM) with young children. For that we would like to justify why buying from us can be worthwhile! In partnership with our sole fulfillment provider, we will provide you: 

  • Exotic and rare baby clothing for your baby girl
  • Good quality products at affordable price
  • Great and trusted shopping online experience
  • Fast fulfillment of orders delivered to you

Thank You

Malaysia Online Baby Clothing Store

Here's a little token of our appreciation for visiting this page.

Instead of getting free shipping at orders above RM100, you'll get free shipping at RM50 instead!

Here is the secret code: SHIPRM50
*This code is only valid for shipment within Malaysia

When nothing else matters but your children. Well that's not true. Earning enough is important, for them. Not for my luxury. Earning passive income is my goal to earn and fulfilling my role as a full time mother. Thank you once again for your time to get to know this website.

Sandra Lili Yin (mother of 3 beautiful kids) - founder of Tiny Bibiya Cuteness

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